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Jashaundra Manning November 29, 2018 23:49 / Earn Dat Body #SweatVest Workout

I love the works, easy to follow and keep up all while getting a good workout. Thanks Moe

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Valencia Allen November 02, 2018 23:15 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

Britt and Moe y’all are the Truth🙌🏾.

Chiietra Brown October 10, 2018 13:28 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

I have just started week 2 of the sweat & shred program. I was a little skeptical at first because the scale started moving and then it stopped. I had to realize that results are not based on the scale and I have noticed a bigger change in my body. This plan does work and I am happy that I decided to do it. Moe and Britt definitely push you. I feel like they are in the room motivating me to keep pushing towards my goals. Thanks for this online program.

Tee Poche' October 06, 2018 16:04 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

I wanted to complete all 4 workouts before posting my review, so I literally just finished Workout # 4 and believe me when I tell you this Sweat & Shred program is the 🗣TRUTH😅!!! Of course last month I got besides myself because it was my birthday month and back paddled🤦🏾‍♀️😩🤷🏾‍♀️, but I am so excited to say I am 9 lbs down from Mon😱. I thought the scale was playing tricks, but I got on there at least 6xs (spaced out) to make sure I wasn’t tripping😆, but that’s what it said💁🏾‍♀️! I was going to get me a lil cheat meal today, but I think I’m just going to stick to these lil meals I prepped😂 I can’t wait to see my final results💪🏾🏃🏾‍♀️🏋🏾‍♀️‼️

Troi Russell October 04, 2018 18:21 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

I have completed all 4 workouts!! My abs, arms, glutes, legs, EVERYTHING is sore LOL The intermittent fasting has been great, but i am struggling to eat all 1500 calories, especially when you are drinking over a gallon of water a day. Friday and Saturday I will do 30 min on the stairmaster (pray for me) and do a Week 1 weigh in on Sunday. I'm really enjoying this program!

Albaney Royal October 04, 2018 08:40 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

So I decided to do one of the workouts at 2am on my break while at work. Now I’m ready to go home 😂. Moe don’t let you catch your breath. It pushed me to go hard 💪🏾 So far I’m enjoying the workouts. #motivating #earndatbody #waistwatcherz #results

Vivian White October 03, 2018 16:02 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

Iam enjoying these workouts, you are really pushing me, and this is what I need. I like your method of training.

Shawnnika Crosier October 03, 2018 12:41 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

I haven’t exercised in over a year, but this home video is awesome. I’m not able to get to a gym because I’m legally blind & I don’t drive but I’m loving the sweat, the pushing, but most of all the encouragement that is giving on the video. If you are skeptical about this video...don’t hesitate, purchase it today!!!!

Sara Thompson October 03, 2018 11:01 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

The workout is awesome! Most importantly I've been longing for another opportunity with Brit but my work and personal life is chaotic. Having these challenges are just what I need! Definitely worth it!

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Shana Every October 03, 2018 10:32 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

This is the best home workout I have done. You guys are very encouraging and motivating.

Keisha Harvey October 03, 2018 10:05 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

Day 2 workout was very high intensity cardio. Those jump squats was a beast😩I finish my workout then follow up with 20 minutes elliptical.

Sheila W October 03, 2018 09:28 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

D*** those plank raises and BF's @fitwitbritt504 ❣❣❣💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾yo motivation, admire yo work, da #SweatandShred is FoReal!!

Angelique Webb October 03, 2018 05:50 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

You two motivate me to just keep pushing through every workout. Definitely Sweating so hopefully I’ll be Shredding this lil weight soon! Excited for the outcome!

Tyisha Banks October 03, 2018 05:33 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

These workouts have been a fool but I’ve enjoyed the burn! Sometimes I swear he’s talking directly to me 🤦🏽‍♀️. Definitely keep me moving and sweating. I love it!

Tayjuan Adams October 03, 2018 05:22 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

I'm loving everything about these workouts. Did my first two workout . I must say I'm SWEATING AND BURNING . You'll came up with the right name SWEAT & SHRED. Thank for pushing me

Xenafren Jones October 03, 2018 02:16 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

I appreciate Moe doing some of the modification exercises with us in round 3 this morning then saying to now speed it up. Those modifications came in at the right time during the video. I felt the burn with 3lb weights for the arm workout.

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keedy wilkinson October 03, 2018 01:11 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

I am absolutely loving it. Both of y'all at the same time. I love the way that y'all speak throughout the video for motivation. This definitely was a number one project.

SHERELLE FLENORY October 03, 2018 00:59 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

First workout completed!! So excited ;-)

Kristne Perry October 02, 2018 14:00 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

2nd workout completed while my daughter was getting ready for school and my arms were on 🔥

Viva James October 01, 2018 20:23 / Sweat & Shred : 4 week workout!!

I knocked day 1 out this morning. Great workout!

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Valencia Allen July 17, 2018 23:09 / + SIZE WORKOUT Part 2

Moe is absolutely awesome. I have seen amazing results! This “THICK CHICK” is very effective don’t let the name fool you. You will get a great workout rather you’re thick or not. Thank you!

LaTonya Dixon June 20, 2018 20:07 / Earn Dat Body #SweatVest Workout

it's ok. one of the videos is short, because the cool down is missing.

Latasha Robinson Gyins May 04, 2018 02:27 / + SIZE WORKOUT

I’m sweating it was a great workout

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Ashley Cushenberry May 25, 2017 16:22 / + SIZE WORKOUT

Great Boot camp!! Just when I'm getting tired Moe's pep talks come in just in time. I always keep in mind the little dress or swim suit I want to get into. Keep Motivating Us Moe!!!!!

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jadea blazio May 17, 2017 15:41 / + SIZE WORKOUT

Day 1 was an emotional and physical challenge. I bent, shed tears but never broke! Day 2 , I pushed through!!!!! I love that just when you think your about to slack up, Moe lets you know , "we're not breaking or lounging, WE'RE WORKING!!!! keep your mind and eyes on the vision!!!!" Cant wait to see my results!! #TeamEarnDatBody

Monika Wolfe May 16, 2017 23:54 / + SIZE WORKOUT

Amazing trainer! From day one it was a burn! Love the fact that during the workout I start to get a little sloppy and you can hear Moe motivating you to fix it up!

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Gabriella Albright March 30, 2017 21:27 / 💪🏾 MoE Flippen presents The Thick Chick " Earn Dat Body" 21 Days ONLINE Challenge 💪🏾

This is the best online workout . I haven't missed a day yet I also have been doing the 10 day green smoothie with the workouts down 151bs in 10 days !!!!! I love the way my clothes feel never looking back thanks Moe !!!!

Jonquel Tillman March 23, 2017 14:32 / 💪🏾 MoE Flippen presents The Thick Chick " Earn Dat Body" 21 Days ONLINE Challenge 💪🏾

Best Online Challenge!!!The workouts are beast mode, but not impossible. The meal plan is easy to follow. Moe and the ladies keep you pumped and push you forward. Really enjoying this journey to a fit and healthier me😊💪

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Jonquil Groomes March 22, 2017 13:35 / 💪🏾 MoE Flippen presents The Thick Chick " Earn Dat Body" 21 Days ONLINE Challenge 💪🏾

My legs are still sore from Day 2 but I'm pushing myself. Highly motivated cant wait to see these results!!!!

Brittney Welch March 21, 2017 04:00 / 💪🏾 MoE Flippen presents The Thick Chick " Earn Dat Body" 21 Days ONLINE Challenge 💪🏾

Tired.COM LOL but I really enjoyed it!! ALL SUMMER 17!!

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Kishone Mingo March 21, 2017 00:30 / 💪🏾 MoE Flippen presents The Thick Chick " Earn Dat Body" 21 Days ONLINE Challenge 💪🏾

Exceptional workout! The best part was the motivation from the ladies during the workout! Loved it! "Let's go Ladies" More than worth the money!!

Rheena Walker March 20, 2017 22:14 / 💪🏾 MoE Flippen presents The Thick Chick " Earn Dat Body" 21 Days ONLINE Challenge 💪🏾

BABYY.. After Super Sunday(walking) and this workout today I'm no good but I'm highly motivated and waiting for tomorrow 😔😔😀😀

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Danette Thierry March 20, 2017 21:50 / 💪🏾 MoE Flippen presents The Thick Chick " Earn Dat Body" 21 Days ONLINE Challenge 💪🏾

Great first workout! Them ab workouts were the truth....looking forward to tomorrow's set

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Patricia Richardson March 20, 2017 21:03 / 💪🏾 MoE Flippen presents The Thick Chick " Earn Dat Body" 21 Days ONLINE Challenge 💪🏾

Ugh turns out I'm not as strong as I thought I was baby this workout try to get the best of me well worth it can't wait til a week from now.......leggo Moe Flippen

Keianna Harris October 06, 2015 02:45 / Earn Dat Body 90 Day Challenge

Jesus I feel like I was set up with tonights work out. I'll rather Britt cause Moe trying to kill something.. lol although it took me forever to push through i eventually completed it. Great work out guys.

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Alicia Simmons April 23, 2015 12:26 / 🔥"EXTREME ABS ONLINE CHALLENGE "🔥

Awesome Challenge 👌🏽 Even though it's not completed yet, I had issues with my lower abdominal area and to see if slowly disappearing, it's the greatest feeling ever. This group is highly recommended for all fitness needs and desires.