Better Beats Best ™

About TrainersVault

Trainersvault is changing the way people discover personal trainers. By instantly connecting people with personal trainers through our platform, we make personal training more accessible and affordable than large gyms, creating better lifestyle possibilities for our customers and more business for trainers.
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Cortney Woodruff

Cortney drives the company's vision, strategy and growth as it provides interestingand unique ways for personal trainers to expand their reach and implement new business models into their existing practices. Under Cortney’s leadership, Trainersvault has gone from a simple concept to a live platform with almost 30,000 members in less than 10 months. Prior to Trainersvault, Cortney studied business at IESE Business School in Barcelona Spain.

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer
Cornell Castle

As Co-Founder, Cornell spends most of his time working closely with our designers and engineers. He also spends a lot of his time making sure that the right mechanisms are in place so that we are all communicating and collaborating as one cohesive group in order to get stuff done. He manages the workflow of our customer support and marketing units as well. Cornell earned a BS at Alabama A&M where he studied information systems.

Stephen Ozoigbo

As an international consultant that advises various governments on technology ventures, Steve uses his vast network to not only help us attract talent, but to also find lucrative strategic partnerships.

Bruce Chen

As one of the founding employees of, former executive at Ebay and Founder of, Bruce is able to provide insightful strategic advice on entering into new markets. When he’s not providing advice, he’s offering help in whatever way he can. He provided our team with free housing in San Jose for 7 months while we bootstrapped and built our initial MVP.

Justin Hauge

As the US Head of Market Development at Airbnb, Justin’s was the 8th employee at Airbnb and now recruits and trains an entire department responsible for growth at Airbnb. Justin’s tenure at Airbnb has allowed him to see a company with a similar “marketplace model” scale in terms of it’s operations, user base and market capitalization. He is now able to leverage his knowledge to advise Trainersvault on our sales strategies and business development efforts. He also leverages his network in Silicon Valley to help us recruit and attract talent.

Daniel Pristavec

As the 9th hire at Airbnb, Daniel not only led the sales department at Airbnb, but built out operational plans that saw the company go from 10 employees to 300+. His experience in sales and operations is very well suited for Trainersvault as he advises us on product related issues as well as aggressive growth strategies.

Cortez Bryant

As the Co-CEO of The BluePrint Management Group, Cortez Bryant manages some of the most famous musicians in the world, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake, amongst other headliners. He’s works directly with brands such as ESPN, NBA, Beats By Dre, Apple and Spotify creating partnerships and digital strategies to leverage pioneering technologies and his artists’ brands in order to appeal to the mass consumer market. In 2014 he worked directly with CapCom to develop an IoS and Android application that would allow fans of the Drake vs Lil Wayne tour to interact with the artists.

Michael Siebel

As a partner at Y-Combinator, the first Advisor to the founders of Airbnb and a Founder that has had multiple exits, Michael is well versed in not only the fundamental aspects of creating and building a startup, but he’s experienced first hand these key elements from start to finish. He is very methodical and great at providing crucial feedback on product related issues, organizational structure and fundraising strategies.