Stick with the New You Challenge (Core & BOOTY)


Hi everyone! Welcome to the NEW year🎉

What does that mean for most people? New resolutions for health, business, relationships etc! But I want to help you stay fit even when the "new year, new me" trend passes! My goal is to help people learn how to change the way the LOOK starting from the inside out. You have to change your lifestyle, meaning how you eat, getting more sleep, drinking more water, taking vitamins, adding Protein shakes & creating a fitness routine you can stick to! Not just getting ready for a vacation or birthday & then fall off...

🚨So who's ready to CHALLENGE their CORE & BOOTY?

⛔️You will have daily routine mon-fri, VIDEOS start JANUARY 25Th & be available to you at anytime anywhere 24-7!

⛔️IT is NOT in LA ⛔️ ITS a Virtual Challenge⛔️

⛔️What you will need:

▪️Rubber bands the ones that can go around your ankles/thighs they can be found at TJmaxx or target or 5LB ankle weights

▪️weights 8-10LBS


▪️Sliders (can be furniture sliders from Home Depot) OR Paper plates if you have carpet | two wash cloths if you have wood or ceramic flooring!

⛔️This challenge includes: (AVAILABLE NOW)

▪️ Grocery List
▪️ Meal ideas
▪️ Shake Recipes
▪️ Booty Building foods
▪️ Belly fat burning tips

⛔️At the end of the challenge I will be doing a giveaway so be sure to HASHTAG

#GETBODIEDBYJCHALLENGE2016 (If you don't have Instagram please post & tag via TWITTER or FACEBOOK my pages on those outlets are GETBODIEDBYJ

⛔️Gift Bags will contain:

▪️ Got body shirts
▪️ Celsius
▪️ Sweet Sweat
▪️ Slim Clip Case (iPhone 6-6S)

⛔️I will be Here to motivate & push you daily! Please Be sure to Leave comments, review & RATE this challenge ✊🏼



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