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Hi everyone, since you’ve made it to my website, you probably already know my name is Crystal Gerard, others know me as “GUAM” from social media displaying a significant amount of energy and being creative with workouts, all while enjoying every minute of sculpting my body. I am currently 34 years old and live in Los Angeles CA with my husband and our two children Jadyn and Jordyn. My children are my biggest accomplishments. I’m able to grind so hard in all I set out to accomplish because I have an amazing support system that keeps me forever grounded, humble & thankful! My son is Autistic, and has shined so much light and grace on our family. #AUTISMSPEAKS.


Samantha Washington July 24, 2018 22:21 / Guam 21 Day "Booty" Blast Vol. 2

Such an amazing program. I’ve been challenged every time. Definitely worth the investment, especially knowing that I will always have access to the work outs is an even bigger plus

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Cassandra Haynes July 24, 2018 16:24 / Guam 21 Day "Booty" Blast Vol. 2

Wow!!! This challenge has far surpassed my expectations!! You get so much bang for your buck, $21 Bucks to exact from Amazing Booty Blasting easy follow yet sweat intense workouts, Great Community Support & A Meal Plan. What more could you ask for!!! Guam is by far the best online Athlete I have invested in!! Did I mention the results!!! Your body will thank you, I Promise you will not be disappointed.

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Quiana Jones July 23, 2018 23:56 / Guam 21 Day "Booty" Blast Vol. 2

I’m gonna keep this challenge in rotation every 21 days!!! I can feel muscles now, that I never knew existed lol 😝 #GRINDWITHGUAM🙌🏽💪🏽🔥

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Alexis Hale July 22, 2018 22:24 / Guam 21 Day "Booty" Blast Vol. 2

YALL TELL ME WHO DOES IT BETTER THAN GUAM?!?!?! UNBEATABLE! Hands down one of the best programs I have EVER purchased. The crazy thing is, it’s only a taste of what she has to offer. I’m shook! That’s it.


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