Los Angeles, CA

Hi everyone, since you’ve made it to my website, you probably already know my name is Crystal Gerard, others know me as “GUAM” from social media displaying a significant amount of energy and being creative with workouts, all while enjoying every minute of sculpting my body. I am currently 34 years old and live in Los Angeles CA with my husband and our two children Jadyn and Jordyn. My children are my biggest accomplishments. I’m able to grind so hard in all I set out to accomplish because I have an amazing support system that keeps me forever grounded, humble & thankful! My son is Autistic, and has shined so much light and grace on our family. #AUTISMSPEAKS.


Valerie Skinner September 09, 2018 02:23 / Guam 21 Day "Full body" Blast Challenge

Let me start by saying “I dont do challanges” i have followed and un followed a lot of so called IG trainers. BUT Guam is a real one! The workouts are the truth! Dont sleep in resistance bands. Thank you Guam for sharing your passion and purpose with us! #dontsecurethebag #securethoaf

Sabrina Hubbard September 07, 2018 22:09 / Guam 21 Day "Full body" Blast Challenge

I was clowning bands before this challenge! No more... I'm so sore, but feels so good! now I need to order my pre-work with Guam's discount....

Yajaira Barajas September 06, 2018 18:32 / Guam 21 Day "Full body" Blast Challenge

I've been to the gym before and worked my ass off but this is a WORKOUT 😄 I live upstairs and let me tell you walking down those stairs are no joke

Tinesha Robinson September 06, 2018 18:13 / Guam 21 Day "Full body" Blast Challenge



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