30 Day "Show Up & Show Out" Challenge


Hey Queens! I'm praying that everyone's week is going amazingly well. Sending nothing but continuous love, positivity and good vibrations your way! I know some you Queen think I'm flat out "crazy" to for having a challenge this close to the holidays. Knowing that you have enough on your plate as is, I want you to think for a moment "How better of a service" you would be to the world if you just finally got your MENTAL & PHYSICAL together once and for all at the same damn time! So let's just do it together as a unity of global "sister wives"empowering one another to just become a better version of YOU. My job during this next 30 days together is to: Create a habit with your fitness goal being a consistent rotuine by day 21(* as it takes 21 days to create a habit). I need you to know that your worthy off it all if you put in the time and the work! Just know throughout the 30 days of the challenge (Dec 1st-30th 2018) you will have access to *Daily Group"Chat" Support of individuals across the globe supporting your progress through the journey. There will be ONE "CASH" PRIZE WINNER for the best overall transformation. There will also be a RAFFLE for a @Vannabelt $96 value kit There is also a 30 day "carb" cycle meal guide included wether your trying to "lose" or "gain I've got you covered! -Xoxo Guam


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  • DAY 1 Workout

    Hello Queens, For those that have PRE ORDERED here is “DAY 1” Workout so you can get a taste of what’s to come for this challenge!
  • DAY 2 Workout

  • DAY 3 Workout

  • DAY 4 Workout

  • DAY 5 Workout

  • DAY 6 Workout