Hencha Voigt


Hencha Voigt was born on November 11, 1987 in New-York, but grew up in her parents native Port-au-Prince, Haiti. At age 17, due to political unrest and social turmoil in Haiti, she had to move to Miami. After completing her 12th grade year in Florida, she moved to New York and attended Saint- Johns University after graduating high school at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High school in 2006.

In Haiti, where she grew up, Hencha was a happy and fulfilled child, took ballet courses from age 3 to 21, played basket-ball and soccer through out her high school years. A talented Equiterestrian for 5 years, during her teenage years, Hencha naturally emerged as a multi talented athlete shining on different fields of activities including boxing.

In the big apple, she was discovered by the owner of FUBU and started her modeling career as a Coogi model. Hencha is passionate about her work and remains eager to advance her professional career through ambitious coming projects and ventures. In summer 2015, Hencha will move to Los Angeles and resume her acting career. She is currently working on designing her own fitness clothing line and products. First collections will be out by 2016

In Miami where she currently resides, Hencha works with several agencies for fitness/commercial modeling and acting as well in an upcoming reality show. In summer 2014, She was featured in the movie “Basketball Girlfriends’.

Hencha’s aspiration is to succeed in what she does best which is to empower young women, set an example for others and encourage them to follow their dreams – whatever they are – and reach their goals. As part of her social and community activities, Hencha offers motivational speeches and conferences to audiences of young minority women. Her favorite quote often shared with her audience reads as follow : "Before getting to be the candle that sheds the light be the mirror that reflects it".

Hencha’s professional carreer has been characterized by Excellency, success and achievements. As a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Nutritionist, she built a loyal base of clients and fans for whom she remains a model and a guide.

Hencha runned the walkway for featuring the finest fashion and designers including Jim Jones clothing line and Miami Swim Week (Ms.Lila Nikole). She appeared in renown Commercials and fitness adds worldwide. Among the most watched and praised around the globe : Blackberry Commercial for Venezuela, Malibu Rhum, KFC commercial for UK

Drawing on her fame and success in the fitness world and on social media (over 40 K followers on Instagram), Hencha successfully helped in the promotion of Ciroc Girls, Mory Events, Belaire Girls event (Rick Ross Drink)

Hencha’s carreer was boosted by her sensual and powerful appearances and features in music Videos, movies and magazines including Young Berg feat Jim Jones and Rich Boy- Sexy Lady Remix (lead), Freeway feat, Luxland- Home Alone (featured), Chris Brown feat. T-Pain- Kiss Kiss, Dj Khaled feat Jay-Z, Ludacris, big Boi, Weezy, Birdman, Busta, Rick Ross , Ghostface-We celebrate, Rick Ross-Magnificent, Meek Mill-House Party, French Montanna-Diddy- Paranoia, Nicki Minaj, Lil' Wayne, T-Vice-Kitem Gate’w, Miss Haiti INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT in 2012 held in Paris, The Soure magazine (with David Banner on the cover)-had my own spread as an new model.


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