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As an A.C.E Certified Trainer I make it my mission to teach my client’s how to love it too. I am an ex-Art Teacher and I have been working out for over 10 years. I can barely remember when fitness was not a part of my life. I am happier, healthier, and more confident because of it.

I spent a lot of time on myself, figuring out what styles of training I liked, what methods worked for me, developing fun workouts, and adjusting my eating habits. I did all this before I decided to pursue my Trainer’s Certificate. I believe it is one of the aspects that has allowed me to excel in my field.

My Specializations are:
Onnit Academy Foundations Trainer
Onnit Academy Durability Trainer
Onnit Academy Kettlebell Specialist
Onnit Academy Suspension Exercise Specialis



Jena Hernandez

Very easy to follow. Workouts were very challenging and easy to do for beginners as well. I was able to power through the Holiday Booty Builder Challenge through week 3, and then I came down with the flu, so was unable to finish the last week. But with just doing this workout on schedule from week 1 to 3, and maybe getting in 30-40 minutes walking on the treadmill twice a week, and watching my portion sizes and making a few more healthful eating choices when out with the family, I actually lost 3 pounds, which is a healthy 1 pound a week. But let me tell you, I received several compliments from family members during the holidays about how good I looked and asking what I was doing. My mom actually commented and said my legs looked great! LOL! So this booty challenge definitely worked! I also have been following Carmen's workouts on Instagram and love them. Thank you, Carmen, keep it up!! Can't wait for the app!!


Jessica Trapp

Easy to follow schedule, program, videos. Thank you for a great booty building workout!


Sherieen Glast

I have been following Carmen on Instagram for a month prior to challenge and due to there being so many videos did not know where to start. The Holiday Booty Builder Challenge however; provided a schedule which made it much easier. Also, the videos provided a variety of exercises that was challenging and fun. I really loved the challenge and cannot wait for the next one!


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