Holiday Booty Builder Challenge


12 Total Workouts

Workouts 1-4: Body Weight

Workouts 5-8: Body Weight & Dumbbells (I suggest 10lb dumbbells, but use whatever you got)

Workouts 9-12: Body Weight, Dumbbells, & Plyos (jumps)

3 Workouts a week for 4 Weeks, starting December 7th & ending December 30th

Week 1 Schedule: Wed, Fri, Sat

Week 2 Schedule: Mon, Wed, Fri

Week 3 Schedule: Mon, Wed, Fri

Week 4 Schedule: Mon, Wed, Fri

All kinds of training styles: basic moves, compound moves, pilates, barre, & plyos.

Quick, Effective, & Fun Workouts to be done at home or anywhere, perfect for your busy Holiday Season! You’ll be more than ready for January!

I do the 1st set of every group of exercises with you. Most workouts will be arranged into 3 groups of 3 exercises.


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  • Holiday Booty Builder: Warm Up

  • Week 1: Workout 1: Boom Basics

  • Week 1: Workout 2: Pow Pilates Style

  • Week 1: Workout 3: Crucial Floor Work

  • Week 2: Workout 4: Combo Attack

  • Week 2: Workout 5: Single Dumbbell Blast