30 Day Band Workout


Hey Everyone! Its time for a new challenge!! 30 days of Resistance Band training. Targeting the entire body. Lower, upper and midsection exercises to give your whole body an intense workout. This challenge is designed for everyone! Men and Women! Some of the major benefits of resistance band training are: you can perform these exercises anywhere, perfect for at home moms or students with busy schedules. There are different level bands so beginners to advanced athletes can participate. Resistance bands can help you boost stamina, flexibility and range of motion while strengthening and toning your muscles.

In these next 30 days you will learn a group of exercises for each muscle group and how to perform them to be most effective. Some people already have a schedule for their weekly workout routine while others are brand new to fitness. This challenge if you are a beginner to exercise can be your primary workout or if you are advanced and already have a workout routine this can be an amazing addition to lengthen, stretch and tone what you do in the gym. A routine to compliment the hard work your already doing!

I’m really excited to bring my Pilates background into this challenge. Really helping you guys learn how to target your abdominal muscles. Many people can be misinformed on what to do to strengthen their core. There is much more then crunches and sit-ups! During this challenge we will learn new and effective ways to strengthen and tone your entire core.

This program will go week by week. I will start week 1 with a base routine, and as the weeks go on we will add reps, and new exercises to continue to confuse the muscles. At any point during the challenge you are having difficulty or not feeling challenged enough you can always lesson your resistance or up your resistance by choosing a stronger band or even doubling up your bands!

I Cant wait to get started with everyone!!!

Here are two links to purchase bands:


Price: $10


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  • Lifetime access
  • Android and Iphone access


  • Week 1 Upper Body Exercises

  • Week 2 Lower Body

  • Abs Tutorial

  • 10 Minute Cardio

  • Short Note :)

  • Week 2 Abs