30 Day Full Body Transformation


30 DAYS FROM TODAY: We are going to burn fat and build lean muscle! Get ready to redefine yourself physically and mentally!! Here's to a new you in 30 days!! What you'll need: 3lb weights for beginners, 5lb weights for intermediate, 8lb weights for advanced participants, and everyone will need a medium stability ball!! These next 30 days can take place at home or in the gym, just make sure you have enough room to jump and move side to side! We will be targeting each muscle group on a certain day, sometimes multiple muscles groups will be put together! I want each of you to pick an item in your closet that doesn't fit right now, we all of those favorite blue jeans or mini dress that are just a little tight. This is how we'll measure our progress over the next 30 days. Ditch the scale! During our workouts we'll be dropping fat but gaining lean muscle so the number on the scale may not change. Muscle does weigh more then fat!! Challenge Boosters: AM FIRE CRACKER: Each morning you'll start your morning before breakfast with a 5-10 minute cardio blast! Simple, but effective moves to jump start your metabolism to keep your body is a fat burning state throughout the day! MEAL PREP WITH ME: Each week on Sunday, we will meal prep our weeks meals in the kitchen. Keep in mind you can change your carb, protein and veggies to your liking from the preferred grocery list.


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  • Meal Prep Sunday

  • Week 1 Fire Cracker

  • Back & Tris gym version

  • Upper Body Day 1

  • Lower Body Day 2

  • Abs Day 3