The Buddy Workout ( Beginner to intermediate )


It is no secret that working out with a partner increases the chances of keeping up with your workout regimen. Not only is it fun but you also get that extra push and motivation when needed.

For those of you who put getting into shape into your new year resolution every year, but can't ever stick to it, I have put together a 2 week Full Body program that you can do at home using minimal to no equipment with a partner.

Call your best friend, loved one or even a family member and get on this program for only $2 !
This is suppose to be fun, challenging and in expensive, so signup today and join the fun.

I will be providing you with a workout calendar and video exercise tutorials to view.

⛔️ You will have daily routines Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

⛔️ VIDEOS will be viewable on my Trainersvault page 24/7 for your viewing.

⛔️ IT's a Virtual Challenge

⛔️ CREDIT TO @JoBlaq for all background music

CREDIT to my workout partner @CARTER_THEBODY

CREDIT to my videographer @TEMPER3K9🙏🏾


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Lifetime access
  • Android and Iphone access


  • Rosa's Day 1

  • Rosa's Day 2

  • Rosa's Day 3

  • Rosa's Day 4

  • Rosa's Day 5

  • Rosa's Day 6