Booty Building by Sal


May 04, 2018 09:30


Booty Building by Sal classes will be taught by the one and only Salmannsa Rodgers. This class will kick your booty into gear focusing on glute activation for a full 45 minutes. If you have ever dreamed of having a full, round, and uplifted backside, this is the class for you!

Our very own booty building expert, Salmannsa Rodgers, will lead you through a glute/lower body focused routine to help you lift and round out your backside. After a brief warm-up you will go through 15 minutes of pure glute activation exercises. The middle of the class will include a short upperbody/core burnout. The last 15 minutes will focus on lower body exercises particularly targeting the glutes.


605 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90014, USA
605 S Los Angeles St
Los Angeles 90014, CA


All group classes are non-refundable. We have a limited number of spaces for each class; any cancellation with less than 12 hours notice or a no show is subject to a $15 cancellation fee.